Electricians Tool Pouch
I Need A New Pouch

I have been on the hunt for an electricians tool pouch for the past few weeks. i would like one for performing small jobs around the home and for friends.

I don't need full tool bag, just a pouch that will fit enough of my hand tools for general electrical work and fit comfortably around my waist. In my findings, I came across 3 that look like they would suit my needs

The first is the Makita P-71738 electricians tool pouch. The main thing that I like about this one is that the screwdriver holders are made from real leather, this is the type of quality that is a bit rarer these days, with most tool bags being made from cheaper materials. It also comes with quite a deep main compartment, which is great for storing my multimeter. You can tell Makita have put a lot of effort into making this suitable for electricians.

Next on my list is the Milwaukee Work Pouch - 48228100. Although this is made from nylon, it does have all metal hardward and what looks like quite strong rivetted seems. Milwaukee also claim that the pockets are puncture resistant, so I'm confident the pouch would last quite a while. The main drawcard for this unit is the fact that it has a huge 15 pockets, meaning I'd be able to fit every tool I need in it without having to travel back and forth between the job and my van.

The final, and cheapest pouch that I looked at is the Irwin 6 Pocket Electricians Tool Pouch - R-72500. The only things this unit has going for it are the size and cost. It is quite small, with only 6 tool storage pockets, so it would be more suited to an apprentice or someone who's require to carry around only a few tools. The price is quite low though, so if you're on a tight budget, this is definitely the one you would choose.

I have decided to go with the Milwaulkee pouch, mainly for the following reasons: it's strong and sturdy, so it will last a lifetime. It has more storage than any of the other units, and it has the deep pocket which will be perfect to fit my multimeter.

The Tool Pouch I have Decided On
The Tool Pouch I have Decided On